Slava Ukraini!

This is a free game, created in support of the courageous people and armed forces of Ukraine, standing up to Russian aggression.

Whether you enjoy the game or not, I would like to ask you to support the Ukrainian armed forces, fighting not only for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, but by extension for Europe and democracies world-wide. The link provided below will take you to the National Bank of Ukraine and the donations page for the special account raising funds for the Ukrainian armed forces. As always, you should be careful when following links to sites asking for you money, so please do verify that the site is legit and don’t just take my word for it.

Support Ukraine

About the game

Slava Ukraini! is a very simple game, created by a single person in a few weeks of spare time. In other words it’s not an AAA title, so if you’re expecting that, please look elsewhere. 😉

Gameplay is divided into two parts, Strategic mode and Combat mode.

In Strategic mode, you are presented with a map of Ukraine and the disposition of enemy forces. At the enemy advances, there will be oppurtunities to manually fight them at certain points along the way. If you elect to fight an engagement you will be taken to Combat mode to resolve the engagement. If not, the engagement will be resolved over time and the result will depend on the defense strength of the position and the readiness and offensive capabilities of the attacking force.

In Combat mode, you will play a short engagement, usually involving ambushing an enemy column, defending a fixed position or taking down aircraft. Whether you suceed or fail will determine the outcome of the engagement.

What’s coming

Slava Ukraini! is created in support of the Ukrainian armed forces, specifically as they defend their country against the ongoing Russian aggression. If the conflict comes to an end and Ukraine remains a free country, the game may no longer be relevant. In that case, further development may be halted. Slava Ukraini! will always be a free game and the amount of time I put into development needs to be motivated somehow (if nothing else, I need to be able to motivate it to my family). 😉

As long as Slava Ukraini! remains relevant, however, development will continue and I aim to add more engagement types and make improvements to gameplay.


Slava Ukraini! has so far been created by me, myself and I, without any external help or funding. Creating a game all by yourself is difficult. Also creating every asset used in the game yourself would be, if not impossible then extremely time-consuming. Therefore, I’ve used quite a few assets (mainly 3D models, 2D images and sounds) that are either free or that I’ve purchased for the purpose. This, of course, puts a limit on the possibilities.

If you would be interested in helping out, my first request is that you make a donation directly to the Ukrainian armed forces. That’s where it really counts. If you’ve already done that and feel that you want to do more, help is always appreciated. Contributions are sorely needed, especially in the following areas:

  • 3D modelling
  • Animation
  • Graphic design
  • Research (on russian forces involved)
  • Translations (from/to Ukraininan and Russian)
  • Resource gathering (images, videos and sound recordings)
  • Game testing
  • Suggestions
  • …or whatever other relevant contribution you can think of

If you are willing and able, you could also contribute with a complete ”Engagement” in the shape of a playable standalone scene (created in Unity) that I can hook up as a separate ”Combat mode”.

Contact email: info[at]